Demystifying Our Sacred Self (from our founder)

Demystifying Our Sacred Self (from our founder)

Within these feelings resides a deeper longing and truth: we crave love, connection, understanding, embrace, clarity, security, harmony, trust…you name it. 

Oh, how the journey of empowered healing, genuine self-love, inner freedom, and deep self-trust churns the soil of every thought, feeling, and cell. 

But one thing I do know is that when the fruits of healing bloom and we integrate our many selves into a more nourished and safe space within our body and mind - it’s worth it.

It’s powerful and human AF. With a heaping dose of spirit. 💫

It offers resilience and strength deep within our soul and ripples through all that we see and experience in life. On the inside and on the outside.

Such a journey is not for the faint of heart. ♥️

It’s much easier (in the short term) to stuff it away, scroll endlessly, depend on distraction, and compartmentalize the stuff that longs to breathe (anger, resentment, grief, sadness, insecurity, paranoia, dysmorphia, fear, etc).

But all of these parts carry a generous gift. 🌱

Within these feelings resides a deeper longing and truth: we crave love, connection, understanding, embrace, clarity, security, harmony, trust…you name it.

As scary as it can be to face, the beauty and life force that’s available to us once we heal and integrate these distortions grants us more life to live.

We begin to see what otherwise may have remained hidden; we get to taste more of the nectar.

I’m not saying we should stay in our inner work constantly, because feeling the need to always fix something has its own shadows that can be a hamster wheel of “not enoughness” if we’re not careful.

That may not be the true self-love we crave (because is it really self-love if we're never happy with what is and always focusing on the 'problem'?) Joy and play are just as much a part of healing as a morning journal or ugly cry session. We want to make room for it all. For the full spectrum, embodied, integrative healing.

We go within so that we can be more alive in life.

We learn to heal so that we can share more of our magic and have healthier relationships.

We love our shadows so that we feel more at home in our light.

SO - if you want to join our newest endeavor called SACRED SELF CIRCLE, please do. We're even offering a free-week-trial so you can get your feet wet before you commit. Check it out here.

It’s an online membership for women to empower, practice, connect, and build from the inside out as a community. Along with lots of goodness from me. 

We’ll also travel through all of our layers together: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual with daily and weekly practices for you to bring into your life no matter where you are.

I welcome you.



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