Capricorn New Moon: Creative + Ready

The first new moon of a new year. Beginnings with potential as vast and expansive as the night sky. Every new moon creates an opportunity to reflect on planting seeds: goals we want to achieve, relationships we want to create or strengthen, qualities we want to invite into being. This new moon is cradled by the collective energy of the new year, meaning there is support from both stars and peers to create. 

This new moon also comes with a partial solar eclipse, which experts say enhances vitality, creativity, and energy for whatever you are beginning. This is an ideal time to turn what might be a gnawing idea into a reality and put out into the world what you've been wanting to create.

Experts also advise us to lookout for the moments we seek validation as a way to know we are on the right path or making the right choice. The Capricorn nature of this moon may have us seeking community and perspective from the people around us, but it is important not to emphasize another's opinion over our own. You know the  truth and how to do what is best for you. Lean into trust as you step into creating this next year. 

Time to plant your own beautiful seeds, moonbeam.


The New Moon is a magical time when anything can happen. Possibilities are boundless.

Below is a direct way to energetically clear out stagnant energy and refresh the space around you with positivity and potential. 

Offer yourself this ritual as a way of signaling to the universe that 2019 is the year that you are truly ready to expand into more abundance, love, joy, success, play, and whatever else you might be calling in.

1. Take a moment to examine your doorway. This can be to your own bedroom or the front of your house. It is a portal to your home, your space - both your place of safety as well as infinite creativity. Notice every part of the frame, the texture of the door, the feel of the handle.

2. Light some sage or other smudge and allow the smoke to waft throughout the doorway, moving clockwise from the bottom left corner up and around until you've drawn a full circle cleansing each edge and corner of your doorway. This will clear any negative vibes and make space for a new beginning. 

3. Notice if your entrance is well lit. If possible, add a source of light to illuminate the doorway from inside your space. For this ritual, you might use a candle on each side of the door. 

4. Clean the door and the frame and be sure to get each bit of it. Remove or organize any clutter (both on the inner and outer doorway) so the path is clear and welcoming on both sides. This will refresh the entrance for this new moon cycle. 

5. If there are any non-obtrusive decorations you'd like to add (flowers, a bell, an inspirational or protective symbol) adorn your door as feels resonate.

6. Stand in mountain pose in the doorway. Close your eyes. Acknowledge that you are letting go of any limiting beliefs that are standing in your way. Ask for guidance and support on this journey of expansion. Breathe deep, and get ready to receive!
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