FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN :: Integrate Your Wholeness + Carve Your Unique Path

FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN :: Integrate Your Wholeness + Carve Your Unique Path

Capricorn is known as the time keeper, boundary setter and place of great integrity (or pay the price in hardship). Where people get confused about Capricorn, it’s that they assume its a masculine sign. It’s not. It’s feminine.
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By Jana Roemer of Attune to the Moon


This Full Moon in Capricorn arrives July 13th, 2022 at 11:37 am PST. The biggest stand out feature of this Full Moon is that it’s at the same degree as the great Saturn Pluto conjunction back on Jan 12th, 2022. This conjunction was a giant dinner bell calling everyone around the etheric dinner table to set change in motion. Many astrologers attribute this conjunction to much of the change that followed. 

Themes for this Full Moon include: embodying your fullness, integrating your wholeness, reassessing your boundaries, saying yes to alignment, and our favorite - CELEBRATE.


She, The Designer of Structure

Capricorn is known as the time keeper, boundary setter and place of great integrity (or pay the price in hardship). Where people get confused about Capricorn, it’s that they assume it's a masculine sign. It’s not. It’s feminine. Capricorn is known to have big boss energy. To be the designer of structure. To have ambition and vision. The animal in more recent years has been relegated to the Mountain Goat, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a mythical Sea Goat. Half mermaid tail, half goat body. When we cut off the mysticism of Capricorn that reductive explanation is accurate. But when we open up the fullness of Capricorn as this deeply embodied Matriarchal Visionary. She who holds the money. She who takes care of the people. She, who plunges to the greatest depths before scaling the mountain. There’s so much more here.


Capricorn as a Feminine Sign

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and in Ancient astrology, there were no planets beyond Capricorn because we needed a telescope to be invented before identifying Uranus in the sky. That meant that Saturn also held the doorway to the deepest mysteries of the Universe. Saturn was melancholy and the pathway into the unknown. And this is the doorway into understanding Capricorn as a feminine sign.

All of the themes of Capricorn transform slightly when we reinstate it’s wholeness

Imagine this: You close your eyes and fall back into the deepest place within yourself. When you get there, you meet your Source. There is no access to the external world at all. No noise. No shoulds. No expectations. No responsibilities. Nothing. In some way, you are the most free you have ever been because it’s just you and YOU and wherever you relate to as God. In that moment, you get the clearest vision ever. This vision is YOUR mission in life. Your reason for being. Your greatest offering to Humanity and our great Mother Earth. You see your prosperity, your joy, your relations, your legacy. ALL of it. It’s crystal clear.

Then, you take a breath and here you are, back in this world of responsibilities, expectations, shoulds, noise. The vision seems like a dream, but it wasn’t. It was more real than anything you have ever experienced. You KNOW your mission. You’re clear what you’re devoted to. You’re unstoppable on that mission. Boundaries are easy because your mission is clear. Time is unfolding in Divine order because you see the clear path and synchronicities and serendipities are showing up in multiplicities. You enjoy every step of the way because it’s fun to see that vision unfold in this reality. You already know you’ll be successful because you saw it and felt it. It’s so clear.

This is the energy of this Full Moon.


Assess Your Changes 

The thing is, most of us changed something significant in the first half of 2020. Some for the better and others for worse. This Full Moon is asking you to audit whatever change was initiated then and ensure that it’s in alignment with your path and purpose. Are you saying yes to the things that light you up? Or are you allowing yourself to feel responsible for things that aren’t yours? The Moon comes into a conjunction with Pluto shortly after the Full Moon exact helping you to disassemble any structures that aren’t serving you. It’s trine the North Node helping you find harmony with your destiny. 

You’re in good hands to close off the external world and deep dive into your Soul to listen. 

You’re in good hands to believe that there is a Higher Power guiding you.

You’re in good hands to off-load responsibilities.

You’re in good hands to rearrange systems and structures for more efficiency.

You’re in good hands to re-evaluate money and pathways of income along with this moon.


Celebrate Your Unique Path

You don’t have to do it the way the experts say when you’re doing it in alignment with your Soul. Get there. This Moon gives you a reason to celebrate too, so get out and have some fun.


Full Moon Ritual :: Carve Your Path

1. Make plans to celebrate, but before you do spend some time with yourself. 

2. Lay down for the Capricorn Astro Nidra: Bone Deep Listening and tune into your Soul

3. Spend time in your journal free writing about everything spoken about above. (Check out our Spirit Writing Ritual Practice for a deeper dive)

4. Write out a strategy for you to live your best life.

Get out and have fun!


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