Our Non-Toxic Candles Elevate Your Practices + Environment

Our Non-Toxic Candles Elevate Your Practices + Environment

Being more sustainable in our lives and in our small business is so important to us. That's why our candles use all-natural non-toxic wax, and are made without any Phthalates, Lyral, Parabens, or other harmful toxins 
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Why Non-Toxic Candles Matter:

Many candles are made with artificial fragrances, paraffin wax, and metal wax, which are all harmful to not only our bodies but the environment.

Being more sustainable in our lives and in our small business is so important to us. That's why our candles use all-natural non-toxic wax, and are made without any Phthalates, Lyral, Parabens, or other harmful toxins to ensure they offer the perfect warm glow to your home. Plus the natural waxes we use burn longer and cleaner than other candles on the market.

Our Moon Candles and our Intention Candle are also unscented, so that you can burn them as long as you like without added scent overwhelming your space. However, you can add drops of your favorite essential oils for your intended rituals. Each candle is designed with a special intention in mind, so that when they arrive you feel their magic as soon as you light the wick.


Lighting a candle in the morning and evening is a simple yet powerful daily ritual. Sitting with the flame of your candle will remind you that it's okay to pause and reflect on who and what you're becoming. 

Our lovely customer Anna affirms, "
I've been wanting to go deeper in my spiritual practices and these candles have really kickstarted that for me! I feel so connected to myself when I sit with the flame even though it is such a simple practice."

As your light your candle, remind yourself that all is well, things are in divine order, and that your path is perfectly on time. Send your prayers and your intentions into the flame as you visualize them unfolding. 

Check out our different candle options below!

Beeswax Intention Candle

Our core intentions come to life when we pause to refine and connect with them, give them love and attention, and then release them with trust while embodying their very essence

Straight from the 'Desire' card of your Moon Deck, this candle was birthed from the Ritual. The Ritual of getting clear on your intention, carving it, lighting the flame, and sitting with your Intentions is potent.

It's also a beautiful practice to get you out of bed and bring excitement to your mornings as our customer Maria shares, 
"I look forward to my intention candle when I wake in the morning! It sets my day to what is my truth! I am grateful for all that I have!"

Customer Beverly shares, " I love this intention candle set! My intentions were scried into the candle, I anointed it and with my crystals set my intentions! This is a must have set!"
Plus, it is made from 100% non-toxic natural beeswax so that it burns brighter, longer, and cleaner than other candles. Burning beeswax candles also releases negative ions to help clean the air of toxins, dust, and allergy-causing agents.


Full Moon Coconut Wax Crystal Candle

All natural handcrafted candle to honor the Full Moon phase - a time of release, transformation, and illumination. 

Tap into the magic of a candle lighting ritual:

"I definitely feel the potency in lighting this candle each full moon. I love to say the mantra on the candle and every time I look at the flame I say it and feel a calming effect in my entire being."- Ashton

"I love everything full moon so this candle is perfect for my collection" - Tessa


New Moon Coconut Wax Crystal Candle

All natural handcrafted candle to honor the New Moon phase - a time of introspection, new beginnings, and to set intentions. This a great addition to your New Moon Rituals and commitments to yourself. Treat yourself to a sacred New Moon evening, with you, your candle, altar, and journal to manifest some magic!

See below for some inspo...

Customer Love:

"I used to only really celebrate the full moon but I am so grateful for this candle for really steeping me into the powerful practice of intention setting on the new moon. I light my candle and write out my intentions each new moon and feels so good celebrating each cycle in this sacred way." -Ashley

"I always talked about setting new moon intentions but never really did it until I got this candle. I have made it an integral part of each new moon and have been experiencing some serience magic lol!"- Carson

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