Blue Birds and Dreams of Luminosity

As the veil gets thin and we feel our ancestors living among us, yet again, we may remember. We may remember times past in villages sprinkled around the earth, of sharing a hearty meal with our loved ones. Who are very much alive, yet not limited by the body anymore.
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Beautiful, poetic language which invokes the Sacred. Dreams which we wake from feeling like we've been visited. Having this sense that our loved ones are with us as we feel the waves of chills gently waking our subtle body.

We've lived this before. So many times before. We've tended to the well worn communal hearth that is our community ancestral altar, with offerings of gratitude.

Our ancestors love us so much. Their love birthed us into this physical dimension. As the veil gets thin and we feel our ancestors living among us, yet again, we may remember. We may remember times past in villages sprinkled around the earth, of sharing a hearty meal with our loved ones. Who are very much alive, yet not limited by the body anymore. They're with us, always only a prayer away, if even. They send messengers in the form of blue birds that sing songs, somehow reminding us of grandma. Each time. They visit us in dreams, steadily trying to remind us of the very purpose of being alive. To live out our soul's calling. To remember our soul's song, phrase by phrase, so that our loved ones may sing that song back to us as our souls eventually will depart this earth. Returning to the realm of our ancestors. 

They remember us. They've never forgotten us. May we remember them.

                                                                                                                                     photo by Nixie Marie

May we cook them great feasts to feed their collective soul as well. And perhaps experience greater expressions of joy in community as a result. May we let them know that yes, yes, yes we're listening. We feel you. We feel you. We feel you. We remember you. May we honor our ancestors once again so that our family constellations may become luminous again. So that our descendants may know what it's like to be spiritually vibrant again. 

May we remember.

Our ancestors, if they've transitioned completely to the Otherside, are all together. They join a collective stream of wisdom. Which is singing a song of true unity from the Otherside. Not born of a spiritual bypass. It's a true acknowledgement of the Greater Spring of Wisdom which we all birth from. They remind us of what unites us rather than what makes us different. Connecting with this stream of wisdom helps to soothe our collective broken hearts from generations and generations of forgetting where we truly come from. 

Our vibrant ancestors can help us to remember. They communicate through oracle decks when we allow them to. Consider making a practice of trusting that which comes through. 

In this Sacred portal that allows us to be in greater closeness with the realm of our ancestors, we can create a ritual of it. Please consider lighting a candle and some incense. Pour libations to your ancient ancestors and ask them to help you remember your essential soul song and the unique ways which it wishes to sing through you into the world. That may be received as medicine for community. Consider cooking them a great feast and offer it up from your heart at your altar. Prepare the foods that they loved when they were alive. Sing them the songs that they loved when they were alive. Create great beauty for them.

You may even notice in time that beauty continues to grow in the form of a precious dream. Which when tended well, may very well become your life! 

May you remember how to live the life of your most precious dreams.

With love,
Liv Mokai Wheeler


Our wonderful guest writer is also our teacher and friend. Liv Mokai Wheeler is a Kontomble Voice Diviner and international ritual leader that has dedicated her life to reweaving the human experience with the Sacred. For the past 15 years, Liv has traveled throughout the world connecting people to the vast ecologies of Spirit that exist in all communities. As a voice for the Kontomble, the little people of Burkina Faso, she has reignited people’s awareness of the spirit realm across cultures and landscapes. Liv’s work is powerful and heart-centered, offering the deepest respect for self and Spirit.

She embodies the initiated feminine role of priestess and guide. Her work is genuine, heartfelt, courageous, and uncompromising, teaching all who experience the Sacred with her to approach it with the utmost respect. To treat ancestors and relatives in the realm of spirit with the reverence and dignity they deserve. Ultimately, Liv is dedicated to restoring what is human to humanity, in the embodiment of the heart, dignity, courage, and humbleness befitting a person that understands that we are here to serve what is Sacred, feeding the unseen so that it, in turn, may continue to feed Life.

Guided by the Kontomble, Liv has completed several international tours guiding people in processes of healing and spiritual remembering. She published her first book, With the Love of the Ancients: My Spiritual Journey of Remembering (2018), and produced a full-length feature documentary, The Remembering, filmed in Mongolia and released in 2019. Most recently, Liv started the Kontomble Medicine School, Earth’s Amulet. For more information on Liv, visit and for Earth’s Amulet, visit You can also follow her on IG or explore her YouTube channel.



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