Autumnal Equinox Rituals

Autumnal Equinox Rituals

 Here are a few rituals to help inspire your celebrations for this new season

Happy Autumnal Equinox Beauties! 

As we welcome the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, equinox meaning "Equal Night," when the daylight & darkness of night are of equal length, here are a few rituals to help inspire your celebrations:

1. Fall Forage-  Choose a day to walk some land or hike a favorite trail. Be sure to gather a journal, a small blanket, and a bag or basket.  Immerse yourself in the beauty of the changing seasons. Walk slowly, admiring the colors of the trees, sky, and gifts along the ground. Gather pine cones, leaves, sticks, acorns, berries, stones, and whatever else speaks to you (*ask them if they want to join you before adding to your harvest).  Find a spot to sit for a relaxing pause. Then, arrange the items you've gathered on the earth to see all that you've harvested. Take a moment to think about the abundance in your life and write down your intentions for this season. Take some of your finds home to beautify your space or leave them as an offering to the land. 

2. Autumnal Altar- Begin by clearing the space of your current altar, or find a space to create one if this is your first time. Trust your intuition as you pick your spot. Build Your Altar: Clean the surface + smudge your space. Then, intuitively arrange your altar with objects that resonate with the festive season + your intentions (ex: pinecones, acorns, seeds, flowers, stones, wood, a bowl of seasonal fruit or veggies, etc). Add a candle and any sacred touches that feel right. It can be simple or ornate! Once complete: Sit at your altar, light a candle, & meditate for several minutes. Observe your breath and energy flow. Contemplate balance, gratitude, abundance, and all that Autumn represents to you. Return to this space daily this season.

 3. Deep Clean- Begin by opening the windows to move the air. Feel free to vibe out with candles, music, and some deep breaths. Starting at your doorway, sweep the floors and move throughout your home. Organize and remove objects to create an open and clear pathway. Continue to move through each nook and corner of your space as you clear clutter. Dust the window sills, clean the counters, clear the area by the bed, your drawers, your kitchen shelves, etc. Allow yourself to release what no longer serves you or your home. Go through closets and drawers. Donate anything that is ready to be discarded or passed on. Once finished, take a look around and bask in the feeling of renewal.

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