Deep Dive with Aarona Leá: Are you prioritizing connection or isolation?

Are you prioritizing connection or isolation? Pause honestly with yourself for a moment. Place both hands on your heart, and feel into this question. What is revealed?

Being surrounded by people or busyness doesn’t necessarily equal connection. Being in an intimate relationship may reveal the areas where we habitually choose to disconnect, withhold our love, or refuse to fully receive it.

Loneliness is running rampant on the planet these days. Sometimes I wonder if this is just a western dilemma, or if this pandemic of the mind and heart is making its way into every corner of the world.

When I really feel into all of this - collectively and for myself personally - my heart breaks.

There is nothing wrong with isolating or disconnecting from the world at times, to reset our operating system and come home to our own energy field. Yet I believe many are lonely deep down. Longing to be held, seen, and understood. Craving to clear any debris that blocks us from loving and being loved. Desiring to belong and heal the fears that can arise when an opportunity for deeper intimacy presents itself.

It’s 100% okay to give voice to this need. This desire is not a wound, it is medicine, it is human nature.

Life can be hard and intense at times; we don’t need to deny that. But we humans are meant to be in connection more often than not. To support and be supported. To connect to life, to one another, to ourselves, to our creative power, and to the environment within and around us. And for those who are intuitive feelers, this longing runs deep as we move between the internal and external.

In every moment, we have a choice to connect or disconnect, to be present or numb out. We are always devoting our energy somewhere, whether conscious or not.

This is your permission slip (not that you need it from me) to pause and feel honestly into where you have been devoting your energy, to allow space for your longings beneath the surface to speak to you.

Your acknowledgment, recognition, and validation of this part of you is a huge step towards love and connection.

With love,




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