A Digital Detox That Will Reshape Your Entire Day

Join us on a 28-day digital detox. But first read about why it's necessary and how this simple shift may change your life.

"I welcome clear vision and inspired action"
- from the Clarity card in The Moon Deck 

We're addicted to our phones. In many ways it’s our journal. Throughout the day we check emails, text, write, create, post, like, share, read, and surf the web. Granted some of this is necessary, informative and even inspiring. Yet we can likely decrease our check-ins by half and still take care of priorities. We may even discover that we're more productive, plus feeling healthier mentally and emotionally.

You can say the same for any digital device. More time on the screen means less time connecting to others, practicing self-love rituals, or letting your creative juices flow. Information over-load also drives us further away from our own center and can create a sense of disconnect, anxiety or leave a constant residue of stress in our system.

It’s a hot topic these days with a ton of studies revealing that consciously spacing out our digital time leads to better concentration and focus, more creativity and an overall happier life-balance in both our health and relationships. More and more it’s becoming a normal term and a very real need.

“Disconnecting from the digital world will help you reconnect to your wisdom, intuition and creativity.” - Arianna Huffington

We are in an incredible era. The many ways we connect, create and share with technology is amazing. However the prolific overindulgence and the loss of present connection (or obsession with self) needs a break from time to time so that we don’t totally burn out, falsely compare our lives to others, or exhaust our innate magic.

Starting your day in a more intentional way will reshape everything. Guaranteed!

What is one of the first things you do when you wake up?

If it has anything to do with your ‘device’ then this 28-day challenge might be life changing for you. It will give you a hands-on opportunity to experience what it’s like to start your day differently.

WHAT TO DO: For the next 28 days consecutively, do not check your phone or any digital device for the first hour upon waking (minimum 30 minutes) No email, no texting, no phone calls, no social media, etc. Don't even check the weather.

What can you do instead? Meditate, move your body, slowly enjoy breakfast, journal your dreams or intentions for the day, read inspiring literature, sit in the sun with your tea or coffee, have time for your favorite self-care routines, and simply bask in a simple quiet and sacred moment. The options are endless! Which means: less external noise, more ease and calm, more connection to your intuition and spirit, and more space to let your own brilliance unfold before you launch into the world or let the world in. It will be there an hour later, promise. 

Tip: Mark the starting and ending date in your calendar as a daily reminder to make it real and trackable.

We're doing this with you! Let's hold each other accountable.

(*Note: If this is something you already do, flip it and stay off all screens an hour before bed for 28 days consecutively.) 

Feel free to share this article with others to invite them to join you for this Digital Detox Ritual. 

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