13 Card Spread for 2023: a New Year ritual not in your guidebook

Give yourself + your loved ones the gift of a Moon Deck oracle reading for the year ahead. Anyone can do it, and we have simple instructions inside!
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Ready for your 2023 Oracle Forecast?

Give yourself + your loved ones the gift of a Moon Deck oracle reading for the year ahead. Anyone can do it, and we have simple instructions below!

This is one of our favorite annual rituals. It's an insightful new year forecast, using your Moon Deck oracle cards to offer guidance, support, and insight into 2023.

You can do this before the New Year or anytime in January, so you still have plenty of time to order your Moon Deck if you've been holding off.


The Thirteen Card Spread for the Year Ahead is exactly that - you will pull one card for each month of the year and one for the overarching theme! Who doesn't love to receive a glimpse into the new year? This is a beautiful ritual that will support you throughout 2023, where you will take a look at the opportunities available for learning, growing, and thriving with a different theme for each month. Plus this is a great way to connect with your intuition, intentions, goals, and themes for this next cycle. 

Keep reading for the steps! Enjoy.




1. TO BEGIN: Grab your Moon Deck + journal. Find a quiet space to sit and reflect. Smudge the space with your favorite incense or herb and/or light a candle. Take a few moments to clear your mind + focus on your breath. Reflect on the past versions of yourself, your growth this past year, what you are ready to release, what you are calling in, and how you are feeling presently.



2. SET YOUR INTENTION & SHUFFLE: Connect with your most alive core intentions and visualize how you would love to see yourself in 2023. When ready, open your eyes and shuffle your cards 7 or more times. We prefer an overhand shuffle with The Moon Deck. Then, spread them out (as seen above). Hover your left receiving hand over the cards until you feel drawn to pull one.



3. CHOOSE YOUR CARDS: Begin by pulling one card - this first card will represent January. Then, continue to intuitively pull cards until you have one for each of the 12 months of the year. Keep them in consecutive order, as each one will represent the theme of that month.

As you select your cards, either lay them in a circle. Your 13th card can be placed above or in the center. Take a moment to sit with the chosen card for each month and see what arises. 


4. JOURNAL & CONTEMPLATE:  Grab your journal and write the month's name and the coinciding card title on the same line. On the next line write out your intentions and goals for that month, reflecting on the chosen card + theme for that particular month. Allow your intuition to guide you. Leave some space for more writing, as you will then go deeper with the guidebook (see below).


5. GO DEEPER: Once you complete journaling with the guidance of your own insights + selected cards, grab your Moon Deck  guidebook. Start with your January card and move through the year by month as you look up the corresponding description in the guidebook for a deeper dive. As you read, journal anything resonant that jumps out, feels helpful and supportive to that month's theme, and further clarifies your intention. We invite you to write down the Ritual for each card and return to it so that you can practice the Ritual for that month. 


6. TO FINISH: Once you complete your 2023 intuitive oracle spread and journaling practice, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Take a few deep breaths and drop fully into your body. Say 'Thank You' to yourself for showing up. Thank your intuition for guiding you and the challenges that have shaped you. Remind yourself that you are safe, loved, protected, guided, and worthy of all of your dreams and goals. 

Happy new year magical beings <3

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